Freezing moments in time is basically just a hobby. Looking at the world through my own eyes. Trying to create a unique style. Doing photoshoots was always limited to portraits of friends and family. For some reason, I never was that eager to work for companies. Because I always thought that I would be forced to deliver photo’s that I wouldn’t be fond of myself. When Donna Kapper asked me to make pictures for their website, they chose me because of my style exposed on Whitevalley.nl. Therefore I knew I had a free hand.

When presenting the results, they noticed some aberrant pictures. Shots that didn’t really match with their expectations because of the style presented on this website. A classic case of trying to please the client too much. During the selection, they always came back to the shots that were recognizable as Whitevalley. I liked that. Allthough I normally don’t make photographs like these, I had fun with this assignment and was pleased that they approved of the results. If you want to take a look at a selection of the photo’s, click here. Or on one of the pictures above. A selection of them can be found at the website of Donna Kapper.