Welcome at Whitevalley Photography. When you translate my Dutch surname to English, you will get Whitevalley. Hence the name of this website. For as long as I know I have been interested in photography. Years ago I bought my first camera. A Praktica BC1. Made in the German Democratic Republic. Entering the digital era, I switched to Nikon. I know. The hardware  does not define the photographer. It’s all about looking. Seeing. Pressing the button at the right time. Having the right tools can only make a small difference.

This website is basically a portfolio of my work. I do have plans to add the stories behind some photographs, but for now I’ll let the images speak for themselves. All the pictures on this website were shot with Nikon camera’s, using Tamron, Sigma and Nikkor lenses. In the Instagram section you might find some photos that were taken with my iPhone. Join me on my journey to freeze moments in time, by using the navigation on the left. If you want, you can also follow me on Instagram. With the contact form you can get in touch with  me.